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Cold Therapy: A cold bath or use if ice in order to decrease painful and reduce muscle spasms. The cold slows nerve impulses to the muscle and decreases blood circulation, which helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

Cryotherapy: The use of low temperatures in medical therapy for removal of heat from a body part in order to decrease cellular metabolism, increase cellular survival, decrease inflammation and decrease pain and spasm through vasoconstriction of the blood vessels.

Ice Pack: A sac, bag, or pliable container filled with crushed ice and applied to sore or swollen parts of the body to reduce pain and inflammation.

Vasoconstriction: Narrowing of the blood vessels resulting from contracting of the muscular wall of the vessels. The opposite of vasodilation.

Vasodilation: Widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of the muscular wall of the vessels. What widens is actually the diameter of the interior (the lumen) of the vessel. The opposite of vasoconstriction.