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COLDFLEX® Veterinary Equine & Canine Products

COLDFLEX® provides Effective cold therapy by REMOVING heat from deep within !

The COLDFLEX® self-cooling product line has some users a bit confused as to how it works, AND how it works so amazingly well!

COLDFLEX works via evaporation to initiate the self-cooling process. Although it may feel warm to the touch while it is in use, the skin, blood vessels, tendons and muscles underneath will become very cold, reducing tissue temperatures by up to 30-Degrees Fahrenheit, yet without damaging any of the soft-tissues.

By pulling heat out instead of forcing cold into the tissues like other cold therapy treatments do, COLDFLEX® provides a far safer and deeper penetrating cold therapy than other products on the market.

Don't be fooled by the cold "feeling" associated with products that contain alcohol or menthol, or risk soft-tissue damage that can occur by the improper use of ice or chemical packs.

Choose the the number one cold therapy product and experience the chilling penetration of COLDFLEX®, which can last for up to an hour or more AFTER removal of the product!

Easy Cold Therapy that is Reusable & Recharges with WATER!