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COLDFLEX® Product Reviews & Testimonials

BSI receives countless POSITIVE testimonials and reviews about the COLDFLEX® line of products and we are extremely glad to hear from ALL of our loyal customers!

Not only is COLDFLEX® USED by TOP human athletes all over the world, but it is used by the BEST equine athletes of every Discipline to tighten tendons, prevent tissue damage from high-stress activity and reducing chances of heat exhaustion due to its incredible ability to reduce core body temperature.

Whether horse or human, COLDFLEX® helps both athletes reduce their chance of injury, as well as INCREASE their level of performance! Also Visit: Customers of the Month!

Megan SWint & Sissy LOVE Coldflex Products!

Coldflex Saves Lives!

Taylor Young & Tsunami on #TeamColdflex

2010 World Record Barrel run on a Standard Pattern by Nicole Aichele on Biankus French Girl! Nicole is a rare woman/athlete of great integrity and strength with a wonderful Faith in God! We are proud to have Nicole Aichele on TEAM COLDFLEX® and look forward to her tremendous career!


We would like to take this opportunity to express sincere appreciation from the Canadian Endurance Team at the World Equestrian Games, held in Kentucky in September.  We are very proud of our 7th place finish in the 100 mile endurance event; 21 Nations competed in the Team event, putting Canada in the top third – an excellent result.

With Endurance being the fastest growing of the equestrian disciplines world-wide, we are doing our best to foster excellence and professionalism in the sport in Canada, to better prepare our athletes and our horses competing on the world stage, and these advanced Coldflex products and technologies go a long way in assisting us.

Thank you very much!

The Canadian Endurance Team


"My horses get the very best care after they work, and cold therapy is a proven method of helping the equine athlete. The Coldflex product lines provide cold therapy in a convenient, yet effective way.  I always take Coldflex bandages with me to shows so I never have to worry."

Best regards,

Dr. Cesar Parra - FEI Rider, Champion, Trainer and Clinician

~2009 Dr. Parra recently earned the FEI Rider High Score Award at the 2009 Dressage at Devon CDI by winning the  Prix St. Georges, Intermediare I, and Intermediare I Freestyle with the Dutch gelding Olympia.

~ 2006 Winner of several CDI GRAND PRIX, including Freestyle at Devon
~ 2006 Participant World Equestrian Games, Aachen
~ 2005 World Cup finalist Vegas
~ 2004 participant of Olympic Games, Athens
~ 2003 Pan American Games: Individual 4th
~ 2002 Central American Games: Individual Silver
~ 2002 World Equestrian Games
~ 1999 Pan American Games: Team Silver, Individual 5th
~ 1998 Central American Games: Team and Individual Gold
~ 1997 FEI World Tour Winner
~ 1996 Samsung Tour Winner
His students include many upper-level adult amateur champions, as well as  several North American Young Rider medallists. He is a popular clinician, and trains at Piaffe Performance Farms in New Jersey.
To learn more about Dr. Cesar Parra, visit

This is the first pitch of the climb. This also lets you know where I'm headed and how far up it is. Also, you can see how bright it was, and this resulted in the rock baking. This made me really happy that I was wearing my COLDFLEX® cooling vest.

I also want to thank you for sending FLEXTEND! As you can imagine, wheelchair sports can be very taxing on the hands and wrists. Over the years I have had many hand and wrist injuries due to repeated stress and the great demands I put on my hands to get me up and down the court. I have been using the gloves for a few months now and I can really feel a difference in the power and strength in my hands and wrists. Also, I've noticed that the pain that I had from previous injuries has diminished. This year I will be climbing El Capitan as part of a fundraiser for a local hospital; The climb will force me to do over 3000 pull-ups within a short amount of time. You can be sure that the FLEXTEND gloves will be included in my training for the climb.

Thank you,

Trooper Johnson

Holds 9 Gold Medals, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze from International competition.

At Global Endurance Center, we believe in taking the best care of our horses. Whether in training or during  competition, the legs of our horses require constant care. Most of the time, that means cooling tendons and ligaments during and after competition. We always used ice, but it is cumbersome to apply and can cause damage to the tissues if not applied properly. When we got introduced to COLDFLEX, we were first skeptical, but after trying it a few times, we were amazed at the results. These cool bandages are easy  to apply, clean, and keep the horse’s tendons cooler than ice. COLDFLEX cools the tendons uniformly and smoothly, no pressure points, no gaps. We are so impressed with the results we are getting that we decided to add the COLDFLEX product line to our online store.

Christoph Schork and Diane Woodward

COLDFLEX® is AWESOME " period!! It's easy, convenient and best of all, no mess or odor.

I use COLDFLEX every night after a race and after pit practice as well. The little aches and pains suffered by stiffness is just not there anymore. This product soothes gently and won't shock the muscle like most common ice packs do. I highly recommend this product to not only athletes of all types, but to the everyday working man and woman. If you have a hobby that requires physical activity then you want to keep some COLDFLEX around.

John Bryan
Parts Manager / Jack-Man
Robert Yates Racing
UPS # 88 - Dale Jarrett

“I have been using COLDFLEX ® on my horses for over a year. My Pro Rodeo barrel horse has tendon and ligament issues in both front legs as well as ankle complications due to the level of competition she is in. COLDFLEX ® Vet-Wrap is easy to use and does a great job! I also use it to keep my horse comfortable and cool in the trailer as I haul her in hot conditions. I wrap all four legs before I haul. When I pull into rodeos, everyone else pulls sweating, hot horses out of their trailers and mine come out dry and comfortable. I have even been accused of having air conditioning in my trailer! “

“One of my friend's pro- barrel racing horse got its leg caught under a trailer when he tried to lie down and roll. She took him to the vet and was told to do a compression wrap along with cold-water therapy. When I saw her horse, it was two days after the accident and his knee was still quite swollen. I took the COLDFLEX ® Vet-Wrap out of the refrigerator and applied it. My friend insisted that she had just finished cold-water therapy on the animal, and that the vet said it would take some time for the swelling to come down. Four hours later, the COLDFLEX ® Vet-Wrap I had applied was still cool and when removed, his knee was almost normal. He ran that night and placed in the money.”


Sharee LaRue - Wright & See Ya

  • 2000 Pan America Championships Elite Men Slalom Gold Medallist
  • 2000 Cafe' de Colombia World Cup Season - 3rd place Men's Slalom
  • 2000 U.S. Pro Tour Season - 2nd place Men's Slalom
  • 2000 Oz Ski World Cup Men's Slalom Champion
  • 2000 Orlando, Florida - Pro Tour - 1st Men's Slalom
  • 2000 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Pro Tour - 2nd Men's Slalom
  • 1999 U.S. Open - 2nd place Slalom
  • 1999 U.S. Masters - 3rd place Slalom
  • 1999 Open Men U.S. National Slalom Champion

Wade Cox
National Slalom Champion

“I really wanted to try COLDFLEX ® to keep Bank running at his best.  I thought the long, hot trips in the trailer could be made easier on him if his legs were cooled with COLDFLEX ® .  He will stock up when he is just standing around at the trailer and COLDFLEX ® seemed like the perfect antidote for relieving his tendons, ligaments, and joints.  I also wanted to have something I could take the heat out of an injury or bruise.  When you are on the road all the time, it is hard to find something that is easy and convenient to carry with you. I just have to hose my horse's leg down and apply COLDFLEX ® around his leg like a wrap.  It sticks to itself and with the help of a little Vet Wrap ® , will stay on all night.  COLDFLEX ® works by evaporation and will cool the horse's leg even if it hasn't been in the refrigerator.  It is also re-useable and will last up to 30 applications or more.  I'm looking forward to finding out more ways I can use COLDFLEX® .” 


Kelli Currin & Bank on Biankus
Professional Barrel Racing Champion