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Review By: Professional Groomer Liv Gude

First I’ll start by saying that I have always believed in this product for two reasons.  One, the ability to remove heat from tissue for extended periods of time.  Two, the flexibility of use which allows for 360 degree treatment, and treatment to areas that other products can’t reach.

Coldflex w Protective sock

I was able to play around with the new sock, so I had the opportunity to try it out on injured legs, non-injured legs, clipped legs, fuzzy legs, large horse legs, and little horse legs.  This is in no way a scientific study, just observations from a  Horse Professional that spends many hours cooling out horses. 

Here is what I found!

When using COLDFLEX on an injured leg, in this case a soft tissue injury, the sock in no way interfered with the heat removal from the injured area to the best of my knowledge. 

I found that the sock works equally well on clipped and fuzzy legs also.  I think for really fuzzy legs, the sock actually helps smooth the hairs out and create a better surface for the COLDFLEX to wrap around. 

For a larger horse, such as the warm-blood in the photos, the sock stayed up by itself.  There was no need to wrap with Vet wrap around the top.  For smaller legs or pony legs, I found that using either Vet wrap all the way around, or just a bit of elastic medical tape is sufficient to hold the sock up.  This tape can also be replaced by another set of hands, if need be, just for a moment while the leg is wrapped.  I liked the idea of only using a small square of very sticky elastic medical tape instead of Vet wrap, it was a bit faster and you use less. 

The addition of the sock to the COLDFLEX system is invaluable!  It does not interfere with the cooling properties, it smooths the leg hairs, and it protects the skin and hair from tiny remnants of the wrap which can sometimes occur. 

The sock is also great to use on the outside of the COLDFLEX wrap, if you need to treat a horse in his stall and you would like to stay shavings free, or let him move a bit.  The sock acts as a “holder” and “anti-shavings jacket” at the same time.

Liv Gude  
Professional Equine Grooms