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COLDFLEX® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What is COLDFLEX®?

A: An exclusive formulation of gelled water embedded into an elastic, flexible foam material that delivers cooling compression to the affected area.

Q: How does COLDFLEX® work?

A: Once the COLDFLEX is exposed to the air, the gel-based water evaporates from the COLDFLEX and extracts the heat from within the muscle tissue, providing continuous, long-lasting cooling action. Instead of cooling the muscle tissue from the outside-in as ice packs do(Cooling the skin first and eventually working through the deeper layers of tissue, with the possibility of frost-bite), COLDFLEX removes the heat from the body's muscle tissue from the inside-out.

Q: Why is COLDFLEX® superior?

A: Because it conforms to the shape of the body, completely surrounds and penetrates the entire affected area , adheres to itself, and provides a deep cooling action without the possibility of frostbite or freezer burn.

Q: Does COLDFLEX® need to be refrigerated?

A: No. COLDFLEX will begin cooling the affected area straight from the jar. For faster, deeper cooling penetration, COLDFLEX can be refrigerated.

Q: Can COLDFLEX® be frozen?

A: No, except for the "Frozen Compresses". For all other items, freezing causes the product formula to change, as well as making it stiff and unusable.

Q: Can COLDFLEX® Wraps be re-used?

A: Yes. If the product is cared for properly, the Human/Medical wrap can last for 6-12 months of daily use...or longer! For Equine/Veterinary use, is more limited due to the increased heat, hair and dirt that can cause the wrap to deteriorate more quickly. Be sure to use the following steps to ensure sustained durability of the COLDFLEX Wraps.

1. DO NOT leave in heat as it causes the gel to melt and pool in the container, thus ruining the wrap.
2. DO NOT oversaturate the wrap or have EXCESS water in bag/jar as this causes the wrap to degenerate/weaken as well as resulting in a messy, slimy, unusable wrap. It should always be kept in the same manner as you received it.
3. Keep the wrap CLEAN,by wiping/rinsing it off if dirty. This is more applicable to veterinary use due to hair, etc.
4. Do not overstretch the wraps, as they will tear.
5. Just keep the products in the same manner as you received them. Use, clean, keep lightly moistened and store in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator to maintain integrity and strengthen of the wraps.

Q: Can COLDFLEX® Blankets be re-used?

A. Yes. The COLDFLEX blankets are made with a different material than the wraps which is very durable, and can withstand increased heat, dirt, and hair. Take care of the product by keeping it clean, moist and in its package when not in use.

Q: What is COLDFLEX® made of?

A: Non-Toxic, Natural Ingredients. Patented, proprietary Hydrogel Formula injected into Polyurethane Foam and Polyester Non-woven Fiber

Q: Does COLDFLEX® contain chemicals?

A: No. COLDFLEX is Non-Toxic, Non-Irritating to the skin or eyes.

Q: Is COLDFLEX® messy?

A: No. Although some of the water based gel may come off of the products, it is completely safe and Non-Staining. Note: Gel may at times adhere to clothing.

Q: Can I use COLDFLEX® with topical creams and ointments?

A: NO. You should not mix other "rub-on" therapeutic treatments, such as Sore-No-More and other similar products containing alcohol, menthol or herbal based mixtures with COLDFLEX®.

The reason for this is that COLDFLEX® will pull the ingredients from these topically applied treatments into the foam base, along with the heat of you or your pet's injury, and while the heat of the injury evaporates through and out of the foam wrap, the ingredients from the other products are pulled into the wrap and stay there, thus destroying it due to the foreign ingredients of these products"digesting" and/or breaking down the foam material and thereby causing it to fall apart.

To make COLDFLEX® last as long as possible, thoroughly wash off the area to be treated with COLDFLEX®, even if you applied the rub-on treatment hours ago.

Please pass this important information on to others so their product has many future uses. Thank you!