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This Month's 2-WINNERS!
Thank you for participating, we always enjoy hearing from our loyal customers!

"Here in MN it can get hot and humid when competing at barrel races and rodeos. The best way to cool down my horse is with Coldflex!

I no longer have to worry about bringing ice or cold towels. All I need is my Coldflex blanket and wraps and we're set."

~ Rachel Bromen & "Crown" (See "Crown" Wearing COLDFLEX® High-Performance Kit on Home Page Photo - Bottom Left)


I love your products. ShowPro+ is the best because I can use it on my older boys many time without the need to wash them all the time.

With them in their mid 20's their skin can get very dry from bathing and ShowPro+ is not greasy or oily.

Thanks for a great product.

Lyda Skiles Middleburg PA

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